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SonoInspec can assist you in setting up your non-intrusive inspection (NII) plan, whereby the aim is to keep your production and HSE performance to the highest level by executing non-intrusive non-destructive testing while the plant is in full operation.

We help our clients around the world to improve their HSE, cost and production performance.

SonoInspec’s novel non-destructive inspection technology for non-intrusive inspections can be applied at high temperature when the plant is in production. It is our mission to assist our clients in increasing the availability of their plants and reducing the total cost of ownership, without compromising safety and integrity of client’s assets. For testing, inspections & corrosion / erosion prevention, SonoInspec is your partner. We use technologies like TOFD and Phased Array (PAUT).

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Where we can help you with:

Plant Management

Plant Management starts with Regulatory Inspections further optimised with RBI (Risk Based Inspection), resulting in an inspection plan for your assets, aimed to increase the uptime and safety of your plant and to avoid unplanned shutdowns.

Plant Management


The SonoInspec team has a long-standing experience with the use of the TOFD technology on very high temperatures. The SonoInspec team has executed multiple ultrasonic weld inspections on client assets up to a temperature of 475°C (887°F).


Phased Array (PAUT)

With PAUT technology, we can do continuous inspections at 350°C (662°F). The high temperature PAUT NII inspection method is the ideal solution for weld flaw detection, corrosion mapping and the detection of other types of cracking.

Phased Array

Corrosion Mapping

It is important to recognise corrosion / erosion patterns as early as possible. SonoInspec has different ultrasonic systems available to determine the remaining lifetime of the plant, based on the measured corrosion and erosion rates.

Corrosion Mapping

HTHA Inspection

The SonoInspec High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA) approach is based on HTHA susceptibility levels of your assets, Hydrogen Embrittlement, and blistering. The API941 approach will be followed. The practical approach is based on the susceptibility levels. Full weld volume is inspected, including an inspection on transverse cracking.

HTHA Inspection

Accurate NII Inspections up to 475°C (887°F)

SonoInspec has developed a unique set of NDT inspection tools and inspection methods. The condition and reliability of your assets can be determined even when the assets are running at high temperatures. SonoInspec can deliver accurate and reliable weld inspections and corrosion mapping and monitoring inspections with ultrasound technology when the inspection objects are at elevated temperature. These inspections are available up to 475°C (887°F).

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SonoInspec is your partner specialized in the NDT industry

We aim to reduce confined space entries to an absolute minimum. Our highly qualified operators and high-end inspection technology together with more than 20 years of experience in advanced non-destructive testing is making SonoInspec one of the gems in the NDT market.

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